Chuck & Barbara Mauldin - Texascapes 2019
May 1, 2019 - May 25, 2019

Opening Rained Out (for all but the dedicated few!)

Come join us this Saturday, May 18th for our

Wrap Party!

Celebrating Chuck and Barbara Mauldin's Texascapes Show

Artists Demos 3 - 6  |  Wine Reception 6 - 8

Barbara and Chuck Mauldin have many things in common. Native Texans, they both love oil painting in general and the Hill Country scenery in particular—not to mention family, friends and each other! But Chuck loves to paint cows while Barbara loves cactus flowers. It all works out, as they paint together in their studio and outdoors to produce personal compositions in their own styles. Depicting light remains Chuck’s main focus, achieved by proper choice of values and color temperature. Barbara routinely uses a limited palette to explore the nuances of color. A recent trip to the Guadalupe Mountains National Park provided a wonderful opportunity to paint this spectacular, isolated part of Texas. Plein air works, created in the wind and cold, are inspiring larger studio paintings. Their most recent work depicting all things Texas will be featured in their Texascapes show in May at RS Hanna Gallery. Chuck will sneak in a pencil drawing or two, just to add another wrinkle to the show and remind viewers of his long-held love of that classical medium as well.

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