ABOUT RS Hanna Gallery

The joy of collecting runs deep in our appreciation of what matters.  Our sense of what is truly beautiful, giving texture to our lives, runs far deeper than surface comliness.   An expertly curated collection that inspires from large to small, created by exceptional artists who speak that universal language, is an enduring joy...Beauty- filling, world enriching, one collector at a time.

RS "Shannon" Hanna has created such a gallery in Fredericksburg, Texas

Gallery Hours:  Tuesday - Saturday: 10:3- to 5:30 

 Upcoming Events: 

National Oil and Acrylic Painters Society's "Best of America" Small Painting National Exhibition:  March 1st - April 6, 2019

Book a Room at RS Hanna Gallery - Bed & Breakfast - Balcony Suite - Above the Gallery

Book a Room at RS Hanna Gallery - Bed & Breakfast - Fountain Suite - Above the Gallery

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