Peacocking by Vickie McMillan Hayes
Vickie McMillan Hayes

Vickie McMillan, a native Texan and resident of The Woodlands, masterfully creates breathtaking wildlife, landscape and nature paintings that advance global conservation causes, envisions and executes large public installations, and conducts art-based global outreach initiatives that equip, encourage, and motivate disadvantaged, disabled, and impoverished people.  Her large public installations include public buildings, hospitals, schools, correctional facilities and other government organizations.  McMillan’s award-winning paintings have been exhibited in both Art Museums and fine art galleries throughout the country and abroad.  Her paintings are included in museum collections, corporate and private collections and has been published in well-known magazines, articles and reviews both locally and internationally.

Artist Statement

As a wildlife conservation artist, McMillan is driven to paint accurate wildlife, landscapes, flora and fauna for people to gain a better understand of their responsibility to protect endangered wildlife and their habitats.  She is known to give countless hours to studying their habits, behaviors, anatomy, and way of life before beginning a piece of work.  Vickie’s years of experience in the field is evident in her passion to accurately articulate through the use of paint wildlife and their natural habitat.  With each body of work, she makes herself aware of what impact man has on the wildlife she is painting and how to educate the public why certain species are on the endangered list.  Her large scale public installations have included but are not limited to such themes as landscapes and nature, wildlife, flora and fauna.

Her unique style of impasto/impressionism was developed over time due to a disability she has called Essential Tremors.  In order to finish the final details in each painting or public installation McMillan holds her breath while embracing her right hand to create the desired stroke.  Despite McMillan’s disability of ET, her productivity is not hindered instead it has had an opposite effect on her drive to create as she is prolific painter.   What drives her to create is to honor the Lord by using her gifts and talents to reflect his glory in creation and to tell her story of overcoming obstacles to reach her dream.  McMillan’s decision to embraced her disability and allow it to work for her and not against her, has defined her own unique style setting her works of art apart from others.  When working on large collaborative public installations she is able to encourage and inspire others to reach their full potential.  Her public installations and large collaborative installations leave a legacy of changed lives.

Vickie McMillan Hayes
12" x 9"
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